In-house Design Team

We are proud of our very capable and extremely creative design and merchandising team. They help us source the most premium, branded fabrics in exciting colors and styles while staying abreast with the latest in global trends and international fashion.  Our design team is are the force-multiplier that always keeps us ahead of the curve and leagues ahead of our competition.

ISO Certified Vendors

At last count, at Krish Fashions, we have onboard 30 vendors and counting, a majority of whom are ISO certified. This ensures standardized processes, long-term commitments, and timely deliveries.

Internal QA @Vendor Locations

We ensure minimal rejection and near-zero time wastage in the supplies shipped by our outsourced job-work vendors by supplanting our Quality Assurance executives at vendor locations themselves. Thereby, we successfully maintain stringent quality standards assuring our buyers the very best, every single time.

Dedicated Pan-India Supply Channel Partners

At Krish Fashions, we strongly believe in the adage, ‘Time is Money’, therefore, we make sure that all consignments reach our buyers precisely as committed. We live up to these promises thanks to our dedicated pan-India supply chain partners who ensure seamless last-mile, doorstep-delivery to our clients.

365° Constant Feedforward from all Stakeholders

Our very capable, in-house marketing team works relentlessly towards gaining valuable and critical feedback from all our stakeholders, be they tailoring vendors, existing clients, or channel partners. This helps us immensely in course correction and continually improving our services, so as to provide our best to every stakeholder that Krish Fashions deals with.

Widest Range of Choices

At any given point in time, Krish Fashions boasts the widest range and medium depth of colours, designs and styles. Colours fly off our shelves so quick, we end up introducing at least 150 new colours a day. A quick turnaround that results in fresh newness every day, is our greatest strength and the primary reason for customer satisfaction resulting in repeat business.

On-Schedule Dues Settlement

We believe in keeping not only our customers but also our vendors happy and satisfied. Towards this, we ensure clearance of all dues precisely on time. It is this strong commitment of ours to vendor management that has led 90% of our vendors to stick by us since our inception 12 years ago.

Flexible 24*7 Shopping Experience

Our buyers come from far and wide across every corner of the country, which is why their time and comfort are a priority for us. We, therefore, provide a flexible, round-the-clock shopping experience to our buyers by throwing open the doors to our viewing gallery at any time of day or night.

In-house Multi-lingual Customer Relations Team

Work should never have to stop or be hampered due to inadequacies in comprehending orders from our clients or soliciting their business. To overcome this barrier we have pressed into service a strong team of our very own multi-lingual Customer Relations Executives, who tremendously value our clients and convert almost every inquiry.

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