All weather permanent Warehouse

Krish Fashions operates out of its own independent, all-weather warehouse facility in Bengaluru. This is a huge permanent structure, that houses our front-end offices and back-end processes all under one roof.

Large Storage Capacity

At any given point in time, Krish Fashions harbors within our facilities approximately 3 lakh units of nearly 5,000 SKUs across all our 5 brands and garment categories.

Automated Processes

The warehouse is largely automated and processes such as selection, billing, picking & sorting, packaging, and dispatch are taken care of using the latest technological innovations, leaving absolutely no room for error.

In-house Studio

Vendors need to be kept abreast of the latest trends, newest additions, and contemporary styles on a day-to-day basis to keep turnaround tight and quick. In order to achieve speed and perfection in advertising our wares, we have a built-in studio within our facilities and a full-time photographer on our rolls.

Extensive Viewing Gallery

Clients are privy not just to an ordinary order catalog but an entire viewing gallery, spread across Sq.fts within our facilities. Here, a prospective vendor can walk in, browse, select and place an order for any and every SKU they may choose to purchase. While doing so, they are continually assisted by our customer service representatives who ensure shopping at Krish Fashions translates into an effortlessly pleasant experience.

ISO certified Vendors

At last count, at Krish Fashions, we have onboard 30 vendors and counting, a majority of whom are ISO certified. This ensures standardized processes, long-term commitments, and timely deliveries.

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