When it comes to men’s fashion in India, Krish Fashions is your ultimate one-stop destination. Among the largest wholesalers in the country, we house 05 premium brands that serve every discerning taste.

Our dedication to quality, adherence to stringent manufacturing standards, and our zeal to constantly stay in vogue ensure a steady stream of repeat business and greatly satisfied clientele.

We manufacture every conceivable garment in menswear, catering not just to distinct tastes but varying pockets as well. Our craftsmanship, refinement, and caliber define our popularity.

With Krish Fashions by your side, you need to look no further.


The house of Krish Fashions boasts 05 premium brands, each a stellar beacon of discerning taste, hip styles and impeccable finishing.
Our brands:
1. Krimty
2. Leverage
3. French America
4. Approach
5. Cash Flow.

1.     Krimty: Our top-end, premium brand, crafted with strikingly unique designs using select, imported fabrics.

An absolute must-have for the discerning gentleman.


2.     Leverage: Fine, fashionable fabrics, creatively designed to make you the cynosure of all eyes. The very best your money can buy.


3.     French America: International designs and en-pointe trends seamlessly melded to make the Indian metrosexual reflect a global persona. Guaranteed head-turner.


4.     Approach: Contemporary styles stitched to perfection over natty fabrics. Assures the wearer an instant boost of charisma and confidence.


5.     Cash Flow: Quality fabric lends itself to snazzy, in-vogue designs especially curated for the pocket-friendly fashion connoisseur.

You can’t imagine a better deal than this.


We boast a state-of-the-art 3 lakh units warehousing facility that houses our products under one roof.

All our processes with regards to order placement, billing, sorting, packing, and dispatch are automated and seamlessly executed by a dedicated team of highly-trained professionals, leaving no room for error.

Our design team is a closely-knit group of brilliant creative minds,

perennially abreast of the latest market trends,

always keeping us a few steps ahead of the market curve.

With an ever-expanding list of dedicated, ISO-certified vendors spread across South India, we ensure stringent adherence to manufacturing standards.

Our in-house QA team operates from these vendor locations.

They guarantee perfect precision, flawless craftsmanship, and completed shipments dispatched on time, every single time.


We thrive where others only strive.

The width of our clothing range across all 05 brands,

leaves our competitors envious.

Our customer service experience is unparalleled,

ensuring repeat business, customer retention and happy, satisfied clientele.

Our synergy with our transport partners assures

on-time, on-target and safe delivery to all client locations, pan-India.

Our feedback mechanism elicits true and honest assessments

that help us grow and service our clients better.

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